3 Dating Sites for Single Moms Who Want to Date Once Again

 Being a single mom is very challenging. You need to raise your kids and provide what they need. Most of your life is spent attending to your children. There are sites though for single mothers who want to engage in dating and get a second chance to find the perfect person for them. Here are three popular sites where single mothers can mingle with other people and enjoy the lovely world of dating.

1. Find a match in Match.com

Match.com is a wonderful site not only for single parents, but also for people who don’t have so much time for dating. It is a great site for single moms because the site has a lot of members and you can easily meet other people. The site is also very easy to use. You just fill out your profile and enter the criteria that you want a man to have. They will then give you a list of men that fit your desires. You can then begin interacting with these guys.


2. eHarmony.com, a haven for single moms

eHarmony was not actually created for single parents. Surprisingly though, there are a lot of single parents who have flocked to this site to look for love and acceptance. You can find fellow single parents here who have made it a point to sign up and go back into the dating scene. Most of these single parents are not ordinary single parents too. Most of them are successful in life and have been excellent in raising their children. Unfortunately, they are not in a long-term relationship that is why they are looking to find the right one. There are a lot of men that are good bets here for single moms wanting to have a serious relationship.

Extra marital affairs are seemingly never out of the news.
Extra marital affairs are seemingly never out of the news.

3. Get into dating fast with Xpress.com

Xpress.com is fairly new to the online dating community, but it has received wonderful reviews especially from single mothers. This site is very affordable which makes it a good choice for single moms working for the entire family. It also has a wonderful required photo feature that filters people who are not serious about online dating. This is a good site for mothers who do not want to get involved with other men yet, but just want to go into casual dating first.

Being a single mom should not hinder you from dating somebody new. In fact, dating can be wonderful as it eases and de-stresses you as you face the challenges of raising your children. Your children should still be the priority though. Dating will only serve as an additional spice to your life. You do not have to be in a hurry. The right time and the right person will eventually come. And when he does, you will definitely say that he’s well worth the wait.

Does Speed Dating Help You Find the One?

 One of the best things to do in life is dating. As a young adult or even as a senior, you can find joy and excitement when you go out on a date. However, it is difficult to find time to date somebody especially if you are a career-oriented individual. Speed dating or Hurry date is one way for busy people to get a date. So what exactly is speed dating and is it really effective?

Getting to know speed dating

Speed dating is one of the ways to find a person you will fall in love with and spend the rest of your life with. It is a very fast process as what the name suggests. If you are a man, you introduce yourself to a woman in just 5 minutes. You can say your name, your work, your interests and whatever you want in that short span of time. There is an equal number of men and women in speed dating. You get to meet all of these women for 5 minutes each. When everyone is done meeting each other, you will then fill out a card with names of those you want to meet again. If there is a match, the sponsors of the event will give you the contact information of your match.

Is Speed Dating Right For You?
Is Speed Dating Right For You?

Pros of speed dating

Though you only have a few minutes to know a person, this time is very critical as interests can already be felt during the first few minutes of meeting a person for the first time. If you see that there is spark, you can place the name of the person on the card and hope they are interested in you as well. You don’t waste too much time meeting a lot of people who you do not like. You make the most out of your time by meeting around 18 people within a short period of time. This is than going to a bar, spending some money on a good beer, and hope you get to meet someone.

Cons of speed dating

The biggest problem you face when you are in speed dating is that you may not feel any emotional or physical attraction towards anyone. Some people who are into this type of dating are also desperate to find a date and build a relationship. There are also some that may not be interested in building relationships. Others might just want to know if you have a deep pocket that can support them. Worst is you might find someone who just wants to hook-up.

Five Ways to Make Online Speed Dating Work For You!
Five Ways to Make Online Speed Dating Work For You!

Speed dating is good for you if you know exactly want you want in a relationship. It is also perfect if you have skills in reading people. Sure, it helps in meeting people that share the same interests with you, but it takes more than speed dating to build a relationship.

Meatless Diet For Babies: Is It Safe?

People say that keeping meat out of your baby’s diet is always the best thing that you can do for them. Sure it’s true that it can help them avoid some health problem tendencies with eating meat but just like anything else, that too can bring some downsides.

Nutrients that Your Baby Needs

Because of the fact that your baby is under a meatless diet, you have to accept the reality that he or she could miss out on some health benefits that meat could ever give. That is why it is a great need for your baby to ingest proper amounts of calories, iron, healthy fats, minerals, proteins and most of all vitamins, to make sure that they will have a good and proper growth. These are the nutrients that your baby ultimately need and that you, as the parent need to suffice them with.

Born vegan: Is a meatless diet safe for babies?
Born vegan: Is a meatless diet safe for babies?

Breastfeeding Facts and Requirements

If your baby is still under the care of breastfeeding, you need to make sure that you properly intake the vitamins that your baby needs so that they can have it too. Double check your own diet and be sure to have some vitamin B12 as well as omega-3 acids. If you are a vegetarian, you can try resorting for supplements and multivitamins that would give you these. However it’s always best if you can naturally get these from your own diet so that your baby would get the sort of “original” version of the benefit. When breastfeeding your baby, you need to also make sure that you are loaded with vitamin D. You may also get this from your own diet or a supplement of your choice. If you go for the supplement, make sure that your doctor approves of it to be safe and healthy for you and your child.

Is a Vegetarian Diet Safe for Babies?
Is a Vegetarian Diet Safe for Babies?

When they Start to Eat Solid Foods

When your child starts to munch on solid foods which usually would be around 6 months, you need to slowly present a new food to your child one step at a time. You can start with cereals for infants and pablums. These are good sources for iron. You can also start giving them eggs by adding it little by little in their diet. This is another source of iron that their body needs.

Having your baby go on a meatless diet needs you, as the parent, to do the “intake” part of other foods that would allow your child to get the nutrients that they need from eating meat. It is a requirement that if you want your baby to go on a meatless diet, it should be consulted from your doctor for a careful planning – most especially if this is your first one! 

Is Investing in a Vacation Home a Good Idea?

There are a lot of things to put into consideration if you are planning to invest in a vacation home. If you’re earning enough from your current income to pay for the carrying cost of the vacation home and not on the envisioned rental income, then you’re an ideal candidate. If you have enough savings to help shoulder the carrying cost of the home should your income get reduced, then that’s even better. And if you’re planning to move in for retirement less than 10 years later, then investing in a vacation home could just be a good decision for you.

While you could be at the right position to invest keep a vacation home an investment property, it takes a lot more financial considerations to decide whether you’re pushing through or not.

First of all, will I earn returns?

Investing in a Vacation Home for Pleasure and Profit
Investing in a Vacation Home for Pleasure and Profit

Vacation homes are ideal for renting since you won’t be living there for most of the time. So yes, you will earn returns, although rental incomes with vacation houses are not as consequent as regular commercial properties since vacation happens for about 10 – 15 weeks a year. If you plan to invest on a vacation home purely to generate passive income from tourists, then you’re going to have to evaluate first if the income is sufficient to shoulder the carrying cost. Even though rental prices are high during the holidays, they don’t last a year. Study the prospective growth of the vicinity first.

If I plan to invest for income generation from rental, what criteria should I consider when investing on a property?

Places that are flocked with tourists every year surely have the highest capital growth. Opt for places that could be groomed to not only cater to tourist accommodations but also to business functions, social events, meetings, exhibits, conventions – and even weddings. If the place is filled with luxurious bars and restaurants, then that’s a plus. Other things to take into consideration are accessibility to the area and the possibility to expand the property.

Do vacation homes make for a good investment?
Do vacation homes make for a good investment?

What if I invest out of lifestyle choice then?

Investing in a vacation home is definitely a lifestyle choice and generating income from it seems more of an ulterior motive. If you’re rich and you think you will be for another 20 or 50 years then, go buy yourself a vacation home. But if it’s business you’re in for, you might want to consider buying properties in the city rather than in a far away destination.

There are more reasons to consider when investing in a vacation home like tax benefits and caretaking services. At the end of the day, it all boils down to whether you’re going to earn more than you spend investing on a vacation home or lie empty handed in your own wake. Goodluck! 

How to Set Your Asking Price When You Sell Your Business

Selling your business could be a result of one or several reasons: you are moving elsewhere, like out of the country, you are diverted to something that will take your time away from the business, or you no longer have working capital to go on. Knowing how to set the right asking price will help you sell your business right in a win-win situation for both seller and buyer. It is not a time to overprice because potential buyers know the market price and they only hope to go lower.

Prepare your financial statements

Asking a selling price without backup records will do you no good. You have to show the reason why you are selling in such an amount. Prepare your income statement, cash flow statement, balance sheet and seller’s discretionary earning statement (which is also called owner’s cash flow). Work with your accountant.

Should You Sell Your Business Now?
Should You Sell Your Business Now?

List all your tangible assets

Tangible assets are things you bought to help you with your business like equipment, vehicles, furnishings and inventory. Include the purchase price, the market value and the date it was purchased. The list is important to the buyer and to seller. The buyer does not want to be overcharged and the seller does not want to be undersold.

Present how well your business is doing

Since the business is running at the moment of selling, how it does in the market affects the asking price when you sell. How good or how bad the business is, is priced accordingly. Knowing how much it is making on a monthly basis can help the buyer see how long it takes before the buyer breaks even. It also makes you realize whether you should really sell the business or just think of other ways to solve your problem.

Could You Sell Your Business If You Wanted To?
Could You Sell Your Business If You Wanted To?

Check the market for price range of similar business

The market-based valuation is the most common way used by business brokers. Pricing through business brokers is also the easiest and most trusted by the buyers because they have nothing to do with the seller to be biased with pricing. It also saves time for both parties and the buyers are likely to trust the brokers because it is their job.


Selling your business, you have to come up with the right asking price. You can figure that out in 3 different ways: by getting all your assets together, by computing your cash flow, and by allowing a business broker to figure out the current market value. Regardless of how you find it out, you have to always prepare your financial records which are almost always the basis of proof. If you think you can go a little bit lower to hasten the sale that is your choice.